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The book Along came a spider

I Introduction
1. Identify the book (title) and include information important to understanding why it was included on the book list. Students should include the name of the book, the author, when it was first published and any other important information i.e., first American true crime story.
2. Identify the genre of the book you read.
3. Give a short biography of the author 1-2 paragraphs. Include information that explains why the author chose to write in the specific genre to which the book belongs i.e., the author was a trial lawyer before beginning to write courtroom dramas. MAKE SURE NOT TO CUT AND PASTE THIS INFORMATION.
II Information about the Story
(Note: This should be about 1.5 pages.)
1. The student will write a 2-3 sentence synopsis of the plot if fiction or of the material covered if non-fiction.
2. The student will describe, with examples taken from the book, why the book belongs to the specific genre. There should be at least two examples quoted from the book. Please make sure to list the page numbers in parenthesis when you present the quotations.
3. List the main characters in the book those who are most important to the story. Give a brief explanation of the part that each character plays in the story. (Note: in fiction, there is usually one primary character, several important primary supporting characters, and a few important but not primary supporting characters. You should list all of these.
Sample: Sherlock Holmes primary figure in the story. Everything revolves around him. He is a self-taught detective living in Victorian England who has a unique approach to solving crimes.
4. Describe the location/setting of the story. Explain why the setting is important to the story and how the location plays a significant part in creating the story almost like another character. (You may have to do some research in order to answer this question. Your research should be noted in the bibliography. You should also cite your research in your answer if you rely heavily on your research to answer this question.)
Sample: Magnum PI is set in Hawaii in the 1970s. This exotic locale and the time in which the stories are set just after the Vietnam War made it possible to investigate themes related to that conflict. Hawaiis romantic allure also serves as a compelling setting for the ex-military characters who are all struggling with adjusting to civilian life. They live in paradise, but they still struggle with making a living and finding romance.
III Understanding How the Law/Legal System is portrayed in the Book – This is the heart of the assignment.
(Note: This should be about 2 pages.)
1. The student will explain the way in which the law/legal system is presented in the book. What part does it play? Is it central to the story or is it just window dressing?
3-4 examples, with material quoted from the book, must be included in this section. Please make sure to include chapter numbers if appropriate and page numbers.
2. Could a book with this central story be written without the background or incorporation of the law/legal system theme? Please explain in detail and give at least two examples.
3. What other issues impact on the way the law/legal system is portrayed and is played out in the story i.e., issues of gender, race, religion, age, national origin, geographic background i.e., Southerner social class and profession.
IV Your Thoughts About the Book You Read
(This should be 1 page.)
In this section, please write about your experience in reading this book and what you thought about it. You should respond to the following questions but not limit yourself to these questions.
1. Have you ever read a book like this? If yes, how did this book compare? Please be specific. If not, would you read another book in this genre? Please explain why or why not. Please give examples.
2. What did you enjoy most about the book? Give at least two specific examples and document them (page numbers/part of the book.)
3. What, if anything, puzzled you? Please be specific.
4. If you were asked to recommend this book to someone who had never read a book like this before, what would you say? Please be detailed and specific using examples from the book.

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