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Should daily physical education classes taught by credentialed physical education teachers be mandatory in grades kindergarten through sixth in California\’s public schools?

distinguishing between facts and opinions of writers and assessing their credibility
using library, on line, and other credible sources to conduct research
writing unified multiple-paragraph essays, including the longer documented essay, using a variety of methods of developing
composing a clearly defined thesis statement that not only limits and focuses the topic of the essay, but indicates one\’s stance or position on the controversial topic
paraphrasing and quoting smoothly, incorporating directly quoted material into one\’s own sentences and paragraphs
using critical judgment in organizing supporting material
paraphrasing and quoting smoothly, incorporating directly quoted material into one\’s own sentences and paragraphs
avoiding plagiarism, even inadvertently, by introducing all cited material, whether direct quotes, summary, or paraphrase with a signal phrase introducing the author (if there is one) or the organization and ending with a parenthetical, in-text citation in which you include either a page number from the original source, if there is one, or the first key word of the article\’s title: (\”Organic\”) [this is an example, of course!]
demonstrating knowledge of current MLA documentation guidelines

1. Why should physical education be required in school?

2. Would physical education in school have health benefits and follow the child throughout their life?

3. Is there a downside of having P.E in school?

4. Would this lower the childhood obesity rate?

5. Why is physical education for children important?

6. What are the benefits of exercise?

7. Would physical education in school help the child perform better in class?

8. How much exercise should a child get per day and are they getting enough exercise outside of school?

9. Do greater rates of physical activity result in higher test scores?

10. Are active children more likely to become active adults?

11. Would more physical activity result in better brain growth and development?

12. What consequences does lack of physical activity have?

Physical education has many health benefits that will help children succeed in life.

The process is to:
Explore and contemplateone of the issues that we chose as a class:
(list your topic and how you have narrowed it to be manageable in a 1600
1650-word essay)__________________________________________
Ask relevant, significant questions (2 each of the 5 Ws and H of
journalism who, what, where, when, why, and how; include questions that define, analyze, consider pros and cons of the issue, and causes and effects)
Find and evaluate sources (a minimum of five from full-text articles
found on library databases, one credible website with an .edu, .gov, .mil, or .org suffix). Do not exceed six sources, as the source material may tend to dominate, at the expense of your own voice
Compile source cards, numbering each one so that when you take notes,
you only have to write the number of the source on each note card
Take notes which address the questions you asked (must include a
combination of paraphrase, summary, and direct quotes)
Narrow your subject to a topic that you can explore fully in 1600
Formulate anarguable thesis, one in which you will take a position on
your topic
Organize and prepare a preliminary outline (a scratch outline, a bulleted
list of the main point of each paragraph, is fine, at this point)
Draft your essay, saving it, printing it, and perhaps emailing it to yourself to
provide security
Revise, self-edit, peer edit, and proofread the results
Create a Works Cited page, which is always its own page, after the text of the essay

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