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Review the Reading Heartland Health

For this assignment, you will select a health information technology product or service, not yet existing in the primary care medical offices of Heartland Health, that can improve its quality, efficiency and financial viability. For the purposes of the business proposal, you will be using the hypothetical primary care medical offices of Heartland Health. You will write a description of your selected healthcare information technology product or services main features and include a competitive analysis.
Follow the instructions below to complete the assignment.

Review the Reading Heartland Health

Heartland Health Profile Heartland Health is a primary care practice in the Southwestern United States. Its objective is to provide outpatient medical care for local residents, and it is aligned with the Roman Catholic belief system. Its physician leader, medical doctor and nurse practitioner providers ascribe to the Roman Catholic beliefs and are well-known, respected family practice practitioners, each with over 15 years of experience. They are active in their religious congregations where they worship. The practice provides appropriate treatment of common diseases and illnesses, prevention and control of locally endemic diseases for patients from birth through the elder years. Due to their religious beliefs, the primary care practice providers support natural methods of birth control and alternative care referrals for patients who are pregnant and seek alternatives to raising their babies as their own. They care for patients until the 16th week of pregnancy and then refer them to the obstetrician. The population served is 38,393 (100% urban, 0% rural). Population changes since 2000 is -4.3%. There are 20,123 males and 18, 270 females. Median resident age is 35.9 years. For 98% of the population, English is the primary language. Median income is $30,032. The estimated per capita income is $15,625 with the estimated median house or condominium valued at $67,818. The mean price for all housing units is $139,006, and the median gross rent is $676. The town has a small college and a modest number of environmentally clean industries. The mayor has just announced that Yamaha Industries is coming to town bringing 3,000 full-time jobs. Fifty percent of its employees will relocate from other parts of the country. Recently, in the newspapers, there were pictures of a groundbreaking for an HMO clinic, a second clinic connected with a popular and successful HMO located in a nearby town. The five main health needs of the population served are: heart disease, cancer, obesity, infant mortality that is higher than the national average, and care that results when faced with economic challenges and lack of health insurance. Heartland Health is composed of two primary care offices that consist of one physician leader, one medical doctor, two nurse practitioners, four medical assistants, two receptionists, one health informatics technician and a part-time biller. The nurse practitioner in the second office, where the physician leader does not practice, is also an informal leader. Geographically, they are in the same city but they are 14 miles from one another. Both offices are leased in buildings that have recently been constructed and are located in strip malls with five other stores/businesses. They have been in business 20 years with paper charting medical records stored in file cabinets behind the receptionists desks. Paper charting has been inconvenient and billing is impacted by having to search for the location of a particular chart that could be on the provider or medical assistant desk. They use the fax machine to receive and send documents. Typically, about 8% of outbound faxes do not reach their intended destinations on the first try. These documents are managed with paper filing. The medical assistants call pharmacies to register prescriptions for patients. Laboratory and other diagnostic test results are faxed to the office and attached to the paper health records. The primary care practice has agreements with third-party payers. The percentages of gross patient service revenue for services rendered is 43% Medicare, 21% Medicaid and all other payers is 36%. Billing and accounts receivable are mounting. The number of patients in the practice is 2000 divided evenly over two offices, and the mean age of patients is 46 years. The physician leader is concerned that Medicare reimbursements will be adjusted downwards, as they cannot demonstrate meaningful use of certified electronic health record technology (as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of the 2009 stimulus package)

After reviewing various products and services described in the readings, select a product/service that can improve the quality, efficiency and financial viability of Heartland Health. Keep in mind that companies like to attract and retain customers and generate sales.
Write a two-page product/service description that is clear and concise and includes a competitive analysis. The description and comparative analysis must include the following:
o Product Description: A detailed summary of your key health information technology product/service (e.g. the hardware/software components or technological requirements for a service).
o Competitive Analysis: A description of:
two of the competitors for the health information technology product/service you selected
two of the buying criteria (e.g. price attractiveness)
your health information technology products rating (e.g. high, medium, low) for each buying criteria
your competitors rating for each buying criteria
Your product/service description must be two pages in length, excluding the title page and reference page. The reference page must include at least two (2) peer-reviewed articles formatted according to APA requirements.

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