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Research Argumentative Essay On Gay Rights on Marriage In the United States.

Outline needs to be done with the outline provided with same template. Annotated Bibliography must be MLA Style. (5 page essay with one page outline and one page Annotated Bibliography.

Source must be Scholarly (google scholar)

Gay rights on Marriage in the United States (PRO position on topic)

ASSIGNMENT: Write a paper on a controversial issue. Learn more about
the issue, and take a position on it. Present the issue to readers, and
develop an argument for the purpose of challenging or changing your
readers views on the issue. While this may be your opinion you will use a
formal tone and write in 3rd person; in other words, do not use I in your
essay; it will be assumed it is what you think.

List potential reasons (support)
Make a list of reasons for your position, NOTE: when generating your list of reasons use because statements, for example, Marijuana should be a medical option because the benefits outweigh the repercussions.
Now choose at least three (3) most plausible reasonsthe most convincing. (NOTE: these are your main points) (can have more than 3 main points)
Objections, Counterarguments and Opposing Positions:
Under each reason list one or more objections or questions about this reason that readers could raise.
Determine if any of the objections or questions makes sense to you and write for a few minutes on how you could accommodate it into your argument.
Identify one or more widely held positions other than your own that people take on the issue; choose the opposing position you think is likely to be most attractive to your reader and list the reasons people give for it. Determine how you will address and refute this opposing position.
Evidence and Support:
Based upon your main points and the opposing position determine what evidence you will need to provide for each of your chosen reasons (main points).
Your evidence should be in the form of quoting authorities; citing statistics; discussing the negative or positive effects; visual aids: charts, graphs, photographs, etc. Make sure you take notes on where and who your sources originate from.
You will need to use the Library to find scholarly, peer-reviewed sources. You will need to find at least 5, and 3 of the 5 you will use in your final essay.
Audience/Purpose/Formulating a tentative thesis statement:
Assume your audience is familiar with the issue and has an opposing view, but is open-minded and willing to consider opposing ideas. Your purpose is to persuade your reader that not only should they consider this view, but also ultimately challenge and change their views on this issue. Basically, you want to accomplish the following:
If my readers are likely to take an opposing position but are not staunchly committed to it, what should I try to domake them think critically about the reasons and the kinds of support they have for their position, give them reasons to change their minds, show them how my position serves their interests better, appeal to their values and sense of responsibility, or disabuse them of their preconceptions and prejudices against my position (Axelrod and Cooper 192).
Thesis: In your thesis state the position this paper will argue. Do not use I rather begin by stating the position taken then your argument for why. EX. When overzealous parents and coaches impose adult standards on childrens sports, the result can be activities that are neither satisfying nor beneficial to children. (Statsky) NOTE: do not use I in your paper

Purpose of Secondary Sources: Use your secondary sources as support for your argument, the same way you use the primary text as support/evidence. Remember this is your paper not a paper about what other people have said about your topic. Do not allow your sources to take over. Although we will be introducing outside research, this is not a Research Paper. Rather, this is an extended, well-supported argument, just like the other papers we have written. In other words, you should be conducting your own analysis, not merely listing and reporting what others have said on the topic. Use the secondary sources to help you prove your thesis. You must be very careful not to let your experts take over the conversation. This is your thesis and ideas. You are not merely summarizing what other people have to say. Your paper should include NO more than 25% of quoted material,

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