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The aim this assignment is to help me situate historically and evaluate critically a DSM diagnostic category The paper should focus on Substance use Disorders, specifically alcohol abuse by reviewing (1) its major features, (2) its history and development, and (3) the empirical evidence about its reliability and validity. Many behaviors and problems classified by the DSM have been viewed and dealt with in a variety of ways (i.e., moral, religious, legal/criminal, medical) throughout history.
Further, the evidence supporting the inclusion of a behavior/problem in the DSM is not often examined once it becomes officially accepted as part of the DSM. I would like to carry out such an examination.
Criteria for what constitutes alcohol abuse. How does alcohol affect the brain and the development of the brain in children/adolescents and adults? can pregnant women ever have 1 drink? how does it effect the fetus? how are these viewpoints different across cultures. Is it child abuse or neglect if a women is knowingly pregnant and drinking. Is it possible or any known research for a male who has been drinking heavily for 10 years affect the structure of the sperm, therefore affecting any possible birth defects or an impairment of brain development to the fetus? when was substance abuse recognized as a mental illness what was it known as before it was recognized. does alcoholism correlate with other disorders .

The major sections of the assignment should include:
1. A title page with your a clear and descriptive title for the assignment, your name, email, and phone number, the course and semester, the instructors name, and the date
2. An abstract (~ 200 words) that summarizes (1) your aims, (2) your method and sources, (3)
your main findings, and (4) your conclusion
3. Major current features of the disorder as characterized by the DSMIV or DSMIVTR (briefly describe/summarize its diagnostic criteria). (~12 pp)
4. History and development of the diagnostic category
a. In which version of the DSM was the diagnosis first included? Did its diagnostic criteria change over subsequent versions of the DSM? Describe the changes if they occurred and explain the rationales offered for such changes. (You will need to locate via the library earlier versions of
the DSM and/or the DSM Sourcebook or DSM casebooks.) (~13 pp)
b. Provide a brief overview of how the disorder(s) described in the DSM diagnosis has been
viewed generally over the past century (for example, how was the problem of aggressive/rule
breaking/truant children viewed, discussed, or dealt with prior to its classification as a
psychiatric, Conduct Disorder in the DSM?) (~13 pp)
5. Review of empirical studies on validity/reliability
a. Discuss the meaning and relevance of the concepts of reliability and validity with respect to
psychiatric diagnosis in general and/or your psychiatric diagnosis in particular. (~13 pp)
b. Review some relevant studies that provide evidence concerning the reliability and validity of
the diagnostic category. Describe the major methods, samples, and findings of these studies. (~2
4 pp)
c. If no such studies exist, please state so, and describe what you did to reach this conclusion, and
speculate how and why the diagnosis came to be in the DSM nosology. (~12 pp)
6. Value of the DSM diagnosis
a. Based on your research and readings, what do you conclude about the usefulness, relevance, and validity of the DSM diagnosis that you have examined? From the point of view of a clinical social worker in a mental health setting, what can you conclude about the overall value and/or
difficulty, if any, of using this diagnostic category? (~13 pp)
7. Attach a copy of the best research article you found on the reliability/validity of the diagnosis
you examined. If no research article is to be found you must provide published discussion of the problem and of course you need to discuss the meaning of this absence of critical research.
8. An APAstyle reference list of all sources cited in the assignment
Your paper should be based mainly on readings other than those required from class, although
class readings can also be used. It is expected that at least 1220 references (other than current
and previous versions of the DSM) will be used in this assignment. Information should be found
through a search of the relevant literature (peer reviewed journal articles) found via FIUs
electronic databases and general catalog.

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