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Nationalism vs. Feminism

Professor’s instructions: Your essays should demonstrate a critical engagement with, and analysis of, class materials and discussions. You will be expected to compare, contrast, and/or synthesize theoretical, literary, visual, and personal insights in order to formulate an original argument. You are encouraged, wherever possible, to draw parallels between class materials, contemporary political issues, and personal experiences.
Remember to include an introduction, thesis statement, and conclusion for each essay, and craft a powerful and compelling thesis statement and argument in between! Be as precise as possible in your response, using specific examples from class readings, films, lectures, and discussions to support your argument. For each question, you are required to discuss 3 class materials, including at least one reference to class discussion. Some exam questions require you to discuss specific readings and/or films, as indicated below. You should discuss a combination of readings, lectures, films and film clips, and class discussions to craft your argument. Please do not discuss any source (reading, film, etc.) more than once in your exami.e., you must use a different set of examples to answer each question. Use quotations sparingly, in dialogue with rather than in place of your own voice. Discuss and attribute all quotes via footnotes or embedded citation. Please include a bibliography of all works cited at the end of each essay. Remember that your goal is to demonstrate mastery of what we have learned in class!
Tips for Writing Your Exam/ Final Paper:
Each of your essays should provide a clear thesis and concise argument in response to the questions asked. Be sure to illustrate your arguments with concrete examples from class readings, films, and discussions wherever possible.

Your paper will be graded on content, ie argument and analysis. The form of your paper (organization of ideas, grammar, readability or flow) will also impact your grade.

Please consider the following tips:
Draft an outline before you begin writing to ensure clear organization.
Be thoughtful about your opening paragraphs. A good introduction will invite the reader into your paper and provide the reader with a clear roadmap of where you will go in your paper.
Be clear and concisethis will enhance your arguments force and persuasiveness.
Proofread, proofread, proofread! This will help to ensure that your essays are coherent and clear.
Avoid contractions, as well as incomplete or run-on sentences.
Indent all long quotations (of more than 2 lines). Please use quotations sparingly so as not to overpower or obscure your own voice!
Please use consistent citation format, including a combination of embedded citations and footnotes or endnotes to reference all works cited. For example:
o Embedded citation: There is some thought that modern capitalism is at odds with womens issues across national boundaries. (Crenshaw 31)
o Footnote: Martha Crenshaw, War and State-Sponsored Terrorism (New York: Columbia University Press, 1986), 31.
More instructions in the Q 5 feminism Final doc!

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