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Marketing Plan

Please note: You should address every question! However, do not simply answer the questions; put some thought, creativity, and development into your ideas. Better grades will come from innovative ideas and well-developed papers. The paper must be in essay format; you cannot write one-sentence answers to the questions. Additional marketing plan resources can be found under the Marketing Plan tab in Blackboard. It may be necessary to make some assumptions about the company, which is fine. If you cite sources, please use APA format.
Additional requirements are included below:
Times New Roman – 12 pt. font
1 margins all around
Cover/title page
Running header or footer that includes group members last names and page numbers
Headings for each section of the paper
Main content in paragraph form
Citations for information pulled from the Internet, books, and/or magazine articles (Failure to properly cite references will be penalized and may result in an academic integrity violation)
Proper spelling and grammar

The Dive – The Dive is a local pub with a full bar and limited food offering. The owner of The Dive is far removed from the day-to-day operations. As such, the manager is charged with running the business, making business decisions, and reporting just the facts to the owner. The owner is only concerned with the bottom line, so it is hard to convince him to invest in high cost improvements. Because of this, the manager has become extremely involved and works hard to find creative solutions for the business. The Dive is constantly competing with other restaurants in the area. Currently, the business is doing well, but it must build a larger customer base and increase sales to succeed long term. The owner wants a 15% increase in profits for this year. Products: Full bar offering mixed drinks, beer, and average quality wine. The menu consists of hamburgers and chicken fingers, chips and fries, and some appetizers.
Industry Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages) 722410 or Limited-Service Restaurants 722211 NAICS

Marketing Plan Outline
1. Introduction – This section provides background information on the company and product. In this section, provide a company overview and product desrption. Include the mission statement and corporate goals of the company. Write out the Introduction sectiondo not use an outline form.
Company overview provides a high-level review of the different elements of your business. Describe the nature of your business, general product categories, and list the marketplace needs that you are trying to satisfy. Explain the competitive advantages that you believe will make your business a success such as your location, expert personnel, efficient operations, or ability to bring value to your customers. Provide a sense of your business.
The mission statement should answer: Who are we (i.e., the company)? What do we do? How do we do it? Whom do we serve? What makes us unique? What value do we bring? For more assistance, search the Web for mission statement construction articles and actual mission statements.
Corporate goals are statements that outline an overall company vision that includes an operating philosophy and specific objectives. Goals are generally focused on increasing profitability, increasing market share, expanding product lines, or increasing employee retention rates. (Pick one or two goals.)
Describe your product/service. Be specific and provide details: What is it? What are you planning to do? What are you going to do that will create a competitive advantage and differentiate your organization from the competition? What is the key benefit customers will derive from using your product or service? What is its image?
2. Situation Analysis – This will require you to research the external environment. Make use of the industry classification associated with your company. You can find articles about industry trends by doing a Google search. In addition, you can use resources at the library. Do NOT use Wikipedia the information is user generated, which means you can never be certain of its accuracy.
Internal Environment
How does marketing support my companys mission, objectives, and growth strategies?
What is the corporate culture and how does it influence marketing activities?
What has my company done in the past with target markets? Products? Pricing? Promotion? Supply chain?
What resources, including management expertise, does my company have that make it unique? How has the company added value through its offerings in the past?
External Environment
What is the nature of the overall domestic and global market for our product? How big is the market? Who buys our product?
Who are our competitors? What are their marketing strategies?
What are the key trends in the economic environment? The technological environment? The regulatory environment? The social and cultural environment? SWOT Analysis
Based on this analysis of the internal and external environments, what are the key strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT)? Keep in mind that strengths and weaknesses are internal to the company while opportunities and threats are external to the company.
3. Set Marketing Objectives Based on the companys goal and situation analysis, what are the objectives for the marketing department?


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