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identify an example of clinical governance which had a particularly positive, or particularly negative, effect on patients, nurses, or teams.

Assessment 2 details: Clinical Governance Essay Due: Sunday, 11.30pm, September 10. Weighting: 50% In 2000 words or less, critically discuss an aspect of clinical governance that you have experienced or observed. (Intext citations are included in the word count, but the reference list is not.) From your clinical placements, identify an example of clinical governance which had a particularly positive, or particularly negative, effect on patients, nurses, or teams. Your experiences will be discussed in tutorials to help identify suitable examples, but you will need to do some deep reflections upon what you see and experience in clinical placement. Analyse the situation, context, background, policies, accepted practices, leadership behaviours and other demonstrations of clinical governance in relation to the example you provide. Provide the example as an appendix, with detail as to times, places, people (please provide pseudonyms to maintain confidentiality, but be sufficiently descriptive to be useful). This appendix must include a 250-word reflective examination of your experience. Marks will be attributed to the appendix, and the appendix, including the reflective piece will be used by the markers to understand the issue of governance you discuss in your essay. Examples of reflective frameworks will be provided on Moodle. Present the work as an essay, with: – an introduction that outlines the concepts that will be examined, – a body which references the appendix and provides comprehensive examination of key governance and leadership concepts identified in the literature, – and a conclusion which summarises the key ideas of your work. Inform your work by reading and referencing peer-reviewed nursing and health literature, particularly from the last 5 years. Use your reflections and insights from your experiences, observations, peer communications, guest lectures and other content encountered during your studies to help you identify key issues and opportunities that are relevant to the chosen topic. Ensure you discuss elements of change, complexity and ambiguity of health environments for nurses and patients, and relate the discussion to the safety and effectiveness of patient care. The marking rubric will be available on Moodle in Week 2. Presentation requirements for a written paper: – The cover page of the essay should include the following information: Student ID: Assessment Name: Word Count: Tutor\’s name: Convenor\’s name: – The document format should be word-processed using Arial font size 12, with double line spacing on an A4 page and 2.5 cm margin on all pages (normal margins) – Every page of your assignment must have your Student ID – Referencing (in text citations and the reference list) must be in APA style (6th Edition) General guidelines for essay writing – The journal articles used to support your analyses should be primarily recent (within five years preferably, ten years may be suitable but indicate why), published, peer reviewed, nursing and health research journal articles to support your arguments. – Plan your work well, do a draft plan, rewrite it and proof read it (and cycle the reading and rewriting as many times as necessary) before you submit it. – Please collect feedback from all your assignments and use it to improve your learning and your demonstrations of your learning – Please check, consider and use any feedback on your writing you have previously been given. – Clarity and expression: Concepts should be analysed and discussed without unnecessary verbiage. The paper must demonstrate correct grammatical expression and spelling. Poor grammar obscures meaning in your discussion. It is very useful to ask someone else to proof read your paper to eliminate errors. – Referencing Requirements: Students are referred to the Pocket guide to APA Style by Perrin (2012). – NOTE: You should always keep a copy of all assignments. Always back-up your assignments as you work on them. Do NOT rely on USB drives, which can be very easily misplaced or stolen. In addition, USB drives can be unreliable and may stop working. Academic writing style and structure must be maintained throughout the paper and include: an introduction; a body which presents and analyses the key issues; a conclusion; a reference list; an appendix (if necessary) at the end. Structure guideline: Introduction: Write an introduction to your paper, including some background information on the topic and a clear statement of what the essay is going to do (~200 words). References are generally not needed as information will be presented in the body. Body: Write 5 – 7 paragraphs addressing the ideas you introduced in the introduction. The essay should demonstrate evidence of critical thinking and objectivity and present all aspects of the argument. Including some details of the evidence being referenced, such as study type, population and main findings is important. (~ 1200 words) Each paragraph should be on a clear sub-topic, or idea. Each paragraph should start with a sentence which introduces what the paragraph should be about. Each paragraph should stay focussed on that idea, and should explore it comprehensively with multiple references. The very first paragraph after the introduction should introduce the background and context that the specific topic of the essay sits within, and help show the reader why that topic is important. There needs to be logical flow from one idea to the next, all the way to the conclusion, which summarises what each of the paragraphs have explained. Paragraphs need to be made up of multiple sentences, and be less than a page long. Make sure you examine the issue/s from different sides and provide evidence to support your arguments and ideas. Conclusion: Summarise or outline what conclusions can be drawn from your appraisal of the literature. No new information should be introduced in the conclusion, and the reader should finish with a clear understanding of what you have covered in the essay. (~150 words)

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