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Evaluate data resources, processes, and storage systems in business information systems

This week you will continue to work on your Final Project, which is due in Week 7. By Day 7, you will submit a business memo, written to your Instructor, that explains how you plan to incorporate your learning from the week into your Final Project. This will not be a “perfect” synopsis at this point, but it should capture the main themes and important ideas from the week. Your memo should include the following:
Your preliminary summary of how you are planning to incorporate this weeks learning into your Final Project
Your ideas and recommendations for how your organization can mitigate the short-term and long-term issues that can arise when selecting and using data resources and systems
Brief descriptions of the types of data resources, data processing, and storage systems chosen
An explanation of how the organization might manage the potential implications of those selections, while taking advantage of the opportunities they afford to sustain the business or gain a competitive advantage
Other relevant recommendations or issues that you identified, with a brief analysis of why they are important
Note: If you are unable to find relevant information, you may want to look for similar information at /for other similar publically traded companies. You may find relevant information that will enable you to make appropriate inferences about your organization and make reasonable assumptions so you can proceed with your project.
If you have questions about how to apply what you are learning or how to find the most relevant information for your organizations needs, please discuss your choice with your Instructor using the Contact the Instructor link in the classroom.
General Guidance on Assignment Length: Your Week 3 Assignment will typically be 1.53 pages (0.751 page(s) if single spaced), excluding a title page (not required for this Assignment) and references.

Learning Objectives
Students will:
Evaluate data resources, processes, and storage systems in business information systems
Analyze short- and long-term issues of data resources, processes, and storage systems
Analyze implications of data resource, process, and storage system selections

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