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1. You work part-time within a gym as a personal trainer. One evening, a woman on a treadmill suddenly flies off the equipment, badly scraping and wrenching her knee as she falls. She maintains that the equipment malfunctioned, yet your supervisor insists she must have stumbled. As you were the only staff member to witness the accident, you are tasked with writing the incident report.

Your supervisor is concerned about a lawsuit and instructs you to state there is no evidence of any technical malfunction. However, you are aware of the womans testimony, and the testimony itself seems to be evidence.

Write a paragraph of at least 5 sentences in which you respond to the following:

How do you both ethically report the incident and satisfy your employer?

2. Below is an ineffective progress report. It needs headings, bullets, graphics, and improved grammar, and style (Please revise much more than grammar!). Revise this report according to the criteria provided in the textbook.

To: Dr. Smith
From: Kim Chandra, Matt Gunnerson, Jessica Nichols
Date: December 3, 20

Re: Progress on Our Collaborative Report on Energy Output Software

At your request, we are submitting this progress report to inform you of the status of our project, due December 14, which is a report on the Energy Output simulation software being used by the Center for Energy Conservation Research. You may recall this is a new type of software that allows engineers to run simulations to predict energy used and, especially, saved in homes.

We have completed the research on simulation software in general and on the Center for Energy Conservation Research. This information comprises roughly half of our report, specifically, the introduction and background sections. Weve drafted four versions of these sections, revised them, and have incorporated corresponding graphics. In essence, these sections are complete.

However, were still trying to find out how, specifically, the simulations in Energy Output work and how engineers who work with the software confirm its validity. Weve scheduled four meetings with Lee Ambrose, an engineer at the Center for Energy Conservation Research, to gather this information. So far, Lee hasnt been able to meet with us. At this point, we believe well have better luck interviewing another engineer.

However, it will take time to find another person willing to meet with us. If Lees schedule offers any indication, it might take two weeks for another engineer to find time available. Additionally, we plan to contact the Centers office for undergraduate research to see if there are other avenues for obtaining the information we need for our report. Given the delay in obtaining this vital information, were asking you to consider granting us an extension on our project. Our goal is to complete the report by December 21. Were convinced that given the time to compile the right information will allow us to write a much more thorough, insightful report.


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