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Kevin Arreola
Professor Whims
English 101 Lesson 7
[In argumentative essays, I always
take the side opposite of the student
writers and argue those points to help
students rethink the issue and become
more developed writers.]

[Can you come up with a more specific
title?] Illegal Immigration
Many people have identified the
United States of America as a melting
pot. This just means a place where there
is numerous opportunities and people from
all cultures come together to take
advantages of these opportunities. With
this in mind, people have been seen
moving into the U.][S[.] illegally, and they
become permanent residents. These
individuals are identified as [There is a
different between immigrants and
illegal immigrants iimmigrants. Among
the many issues that affect the United
States, illegal immigration is among them.
There exist numerous reasons an
individual can decide to move from his/her
birth country and reside in another new
[country]state. One might move due to
religion, [lack of ]job opportunities, and

political freedom among others. However,
not many welcome these issue[s] of illegal
immigration[,] and as results[sp], a lot of
controversies have arisen. There exist two
sides[–]; those who are against illegal
migration and those who see no problem
with people coming to the U[.]S[.] to look
for opportunities. There are many cons
to illegal immigration and great risk
that is taken by letting illegal
immigrants reside in America.
According to [What research? Tell
where you got this. Set up source.]
research conducted, it has been noted that
nearly a thousand illegal immigrants
stream into the country every single day
mostly from Mexico due to border
proximity. Annually[,] the number is
roughly three thousand individuals who
leave their home country and enter the
U.S[.] illegally and make it their home
(Hanson). Considering they are illegal
immigrants, these individuals help
themselves to find jobs, welfare
compensation, and education. [I dont
believe they can get welfare. You need to
check this out.] The US population is
continuously growing due to immigration
and [briths]newborn. Regardless, there
exist [s]a percentage of Americans who
[assume] are on the assumption that these
illegal immigrants are bad for the nation

and should be banned or deported. Those
who are against illegal migration argue
that many American jobs get lost due to
the [llligal] iimmigrants. A personal
viewpoint on recent interviewee and
American citizen, Caitlin Mcintyre[,]
stated,. A majority will work for anything
so they look more employable than an
American citizen. Herreras statement
delegoes and shows that the people of
America are also witnessing the loss of
American jobs. Many employers [[p]refer
to employee these illegal immigrants to
avoid paying the federal minimum wages
set by the government. Most of these
illegal immigrants come to the United
States specifically to work, and this means
that there will be fewer jobs for the
American citizens considering the number
of illegal immigrants each day. [You need
statistics and/or quotes for this.]
[Set up your source. Who is giving
you this information? Also, get some
statistics. What percentage of illegal
immigrants commit crimes?] Those
against illegal immigrants argue that these
immigrants come to the country and start
practicing crime[,] thus increasing
criminal activities in the [country]state. It
has been noted that there is an increase in
drug-related crimes, especially along the
border. For numerous years, the United

States police have been at war with the
drug gangs as these gangs try to break the
law and sell their illegal drugs within the
U[.]S. Besides, there are many killings and
kidnapping that are happening within
United States cities that have been
perpetrated by these illegal immigrants
when it comes to the drug trade (Ngai).
Though these murders are often between
one immigrant to another immigrant, it
does not provide a good foundation for the
young American generation. If the young
generation grows up seeing this as the
right thing to do, then its correct to say
that the American age has no future. [How
many American children get caught up
with these criminals? Give a quote or
Also, these illegal immigrants
result in the overwhelming of the system.
Illegal immigrants come to the US to come
and take advantage of the opportunities
present [,]but they later overrun the
system. For instances, all types of public
facilities such as police resources are
diverted with the aim of dealing with this
issue of non-Americans, yet [illigal
immigrants] they do not pay taxes. [[Many
of them do. Give some information on
this.] The American citizens who pay
federal taxes should be the ones enjoying
these services, but instead, they are

directed to the non-Americans. All non-
Americans do is pay sales taxes on the

goods they purchase locally[,] yet many
cities[] systems are more focused on
caring and treating individuals who dont
pay government taxes. [You have to have
proof for this.] This brings about a sense
of frustration and resentment in the
American people. [Proof? Do you have a
poll for this?] If illegal aliens]they want to
be treated like ordinary American citizens,
then they should be ready to take
responsibilities and pay government taxes
like the permanent American citizens[.]
From a realistic point of view,
there is no amount of walls or enforcement
that is going to end this issue of illegal
immigration and put this issue to an end
once and for all. [One of the models for
the wall is Israel and how it has staunched
illegal traffic into the country through
walls. How successful are they? Can we
do the same?] To be also understood[,]
there will be financial consequences if
there were no [illegal ]immigrants as they
do play a part in boosting the economy.
[What stats do you have on this?]
Nevertheless, when viewing this issue in
terms of good and evil, its right to say
that illegal immigrants do pose a high risk.
Its very bizarre that an illegal immigrant
is bale[sp] to enter America illegally, get

educated, get a job, obtain a driving
licensee[,] and [have]get children who
become American citizens automatically.
Whats more absurd is that these countries
where illegal immigrants come from such
as Mexico have more rigid immigration
policies compared to the US. [This
stastement is not in your thesis.]
One thing that stands is that
incentives always drive human beings, and
this explains why people are ready to leave
their home country and [become]being
permanent residents in a new
[country]state. All the money the
American government has spent and the
numerous policies established have been a
complete waste as more and more [illegal]
immigrants are still coming into the
country. Once these immigrants are caught
and sent back home, they always come
back again. [Need stats on this.] This just
shows how easy it is for these immigrants
to enter into our country and overrun our
system. [What do you mean by overrun?
Be more specific.] If this issue is to be
sought out [,]eventually, the Congress
needs to sit down with all government
bodies and try to enact something that will
be both useful and efficient even if it
means putting up strict penalties to those
caught. [Do you have some solutoins?]
[Use control enter to start a new


Works Cited
Hanson, Gordon Howard. [initial
caps]The economics and policy of illegal
immigration in the United States.
deleWashington, DC: Migration Policy
Institute, 2010.
Hanson, Gordon H., et al. [initial
caps]Immigration and the US economy:
Labor-market impacts, illegal entry, and
policy choices. (2001). [incomplete
Ngai, Mae M. [initial
caps]Impossible subjects: Illegal aliens
and the making of modern America.
Princeton University Press, 2014.

[When you write a thesis, make
sure you follow it exactly. You only have
a couple of sub points in your paper,so
include them in your thesis.
Make sure you dont mix up legal
and illegal immigration in your
discussions. Be very clear about which
group you are talking about because each
group has completely different issues.
Good use of your interview.
Develop your ideas more fully.
You just give an idea and then move on to
the next one. Consider: What do people
who are on the other side of the issue
argue and how can you refute them?
Your source notes should look like
this: (authors last name page number).
(Butler 78). If there is no page number, put
(authors last name). (Butler) If you
mention the authors name in the
paragraph in your set up, then just put the
page number: (78). If there is no page
number and you mention the authors

name in the set up, you dont need a
source note. If you dont have an authors
name, use the article title: (Obama Care
on Trial 55). If your article has no page
number or if you mention the article title
in your set up, then use this: (55).
Be sure to quote experts. Since you
are not an expert on this topic, your
opinion HAS to be proven with stats and
quotes. You have several areas where you
just give opinion without showing the
research, statistics, or data. Also, explain
who the people are that you are using for
your source notes. The reader wants to
know what kinds of experts you are
Good grammar usage
When you have a quote that is
longer than four lines, use a block indent
format. Here is an example of how to write
an indented quote. Take off the quote
marks. Use at least one in your research

There is an ongoing argument
about the costs to taxpayers from illegal
immigrants. Erica Baum writes an
unsettling article on Newsmax.com about
costs in New Mexico:

Of [state funds of
$717 million per year,]
those funds, which come
primarily from taxpayer
money, $438 million goes
toward K-12 education
costs, $54 million goes
toward supplemental
English teaching efforts,
$76 million goes toward
prosecuting and policing
illegal immigrants, and

$108 million goes toward
health care and social
assistance. (2)
This doesnt include the costs of
the upkeep to our infrasystem such as
roads, sewer systems, water treatment,
college education, and costs for the use of
our court system.

Work Cited
Baum, Erica. Cost of Illegal
Immigration in New Mexico. News Max.
17 Oct. 2015. www.newsmax.com,
Accessed 13 Oct. 2017.
Notice that the period in an
indented quote goes after the quote, not
after the source note. Im not sure why this
is true, but it is the opposite of a source
note in the text where the period goes
AFTER the source note.
You need to set up your quotes and
then talk about them after you give them.
Its like having an oreo cookie. The set-up
is the cookie on top and your explanation
is the cookie on the bottom. The actual
quote is the cream in the middle. For the
set up, talk about the expertise of the
person who wrote the quote, and for the
wrap up, talk about what the quote means
for your paper.
An essay is about the research.
You need lots more quotes. and stats.
Since you are not an expert in this topic,
you have to prove your points by giving
expert opinion, statistics, etc. Each body
text paragraph should have at least one
quote to back up what you say. Back up all
your main sub-points with quotes.
Watch the logic of your
arguments. There may be many people
who dont believe like you do, so you

cant just assume that your arguments are
true for everyone. If you dont bring in
evidence (quotes, statistics, facts, etc.) you
are like the attorney who shows up for
court without any evidence or witnesses.
He can talk with a silver tongue, but he
will still lose the case because he has no
proof. If you dont bring in good evidence,
you will lose the case in your readers
How about illegal immigrants who
are already here? What is your solution for
that? I know a family who came here at
least ten years ago. They have two
children who were born in Mexico and one
who was born here and is a citizen. All the
children have been raised in our culture.
What would you do about them?
You mention cutting benefits for
illegal immigrants who are here. This issue
is complicated. Would you leave their
children without an education? What
happens if one of them gets sick? Should
he or she be denied medical care?
Work on your comma usage.
Works Cited
If you have one source, it is called
a Work Cited. If you have more than one
source, it is called a Works Cited.
Check your punctuation in your
The abbreviation n.p. means no
publisher, not no page. No page is
written like this. n. pag. You usually
dont need to mark that there is no page
number. You do have to mark if there is
no publisher.
You need two dates for each
website entry: the date the article was
published (if available) of n.d. and the date
you accessed the article.
If you use books, book titles are
italicized. Magazine titles are also
italicized, but articles and essay titles are
put in quote marks.
FYI: You must use each of these
sources either in a direct quote or a
source note in your paper. Thats why
its called Works Cited.

FYI: Your web entries should look
like this. If you cant find the date the
article was published, use n.d. You will
ALWAYS have a date that you accessed
the article. Note the punctuation and the
hanging indent.
Name of author, last name first.
Title of article in quotes. Title of site in
italics, Name of organization or publisher,
Date article was published. Permalink.
Accessed XXX.
Your book entries should look like
this. Note the punctuation.
Name of author, last name first,
then first name (any additional authors
names are in regular order). Title in Italics.
Publisher, year.
Your article entries should look
like this. Note the punctuation.
Authors last name, First name
(any additional authors names are in
regular order). Title of Article in Quote
Marks. Title of Journal in Italics, issue,
vol., 17 July 1990. Pp. 46-50.
Note the hanging indent format
How to do a hanging indent:
1. If you have a ruler bar at
the top of the page, take the bottom small
triangle on the margin symbol and move it
a couple of notches to the right. (You are
done.) If you dont have a ruler, go to
2. Then go to paragraph.
3. Then see special, and
under special, you will find hanging.
Click on that.
Dont forget that we are using the
new version of MLA, the 8th edition. You
can either buy an MLA handbook or go to
Purdue OWL to find the information. If
you use the Core Elements chart, it is
easier to write your citations. Dont use
the bibliographic tools in your computer

program. There are ALWAYS wrong.
Here is another example of how to
do an indented quote, including set up and
wrap up. Notice that since the department
was quoted in Shapiros article, Shapiro
didnt write the original words. The
department did. Consequently, qtd. in was
used in the source note:

The Immigration and Customs
Enforcement admitted to releasing 36,007
convicted illegal immigrants who were
awaiting deportation outcomes, which
included aliens who committed homicides,
sexual assaults, kidnapping, and other
serious crimes (Shapiro). All of the
following details were released by the

193 homicide
convictions (including one
willful killing of a public
official with gun); 426
sexual assault convictions;
303 kidnapping convictions;
1,075 aggravated assault
convictions; 1,160 stolen
vehicle convictions; 9,187
dangerous drug convictions;
16,070 drunk or drugged
driving convictions; 303
flight escape convictions.
(qtd. in Shapiro)
It is hard to argue that our country
should not deport criminal aliens. Those

who cry that doing so would break up
families dont consider the cost to the
families of those who are victims of the
crimes committed by criminal illegal
immigrants. These victims deserve first
consideration, especially those who would
not be victimized if the criminal were
deported. Our thinking is backward. The
criminal should consider his family before
he commits the crime. Hes the one
causing the breakup of his family.


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