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Discuss the Correlation Between Relationship Dissolution and Depression

Here is the specifications as provided by my professor:

You will write an essay explaining the answer you have found to your research question, which you have developed and discussed in portfolio ex. 3, 4 and 5.

When finished, your essay should have a specific title suggesting its topic. There should be an introductory section, one or more paragraphs long, which gives the background to the topic or problem you are exploring. Within the introductory section, you should include a thesis statement focusing on the main idea you wish to convey, which might involve an interpretation of the information you have found or might involve proposing a solution to a problem you have studied.

After this, in several paragraphs, you will present the reasoning and evidence which demonstrates or justifies your thesis.

Your concluding paragraph should sum up your thesis or main point.

Finally, there should be a References section, listing all your sources appropriately in APA style.

The essay will be graded according to the following criteria: 10% for clearly stating a thesis or main idea of the essay, 60% for supporting and demonstrating the thesis or main idea with reason and evidence (some of it from research) and 30% for presentation, including organization and polish. Although there is no specific minimum or limit on the number of quotations, citations and works on the reference list, a good rule of thumb is that lists of references should contain no less than six sources, and there should be no fewer than fifteen citations. At least three sources must be academic articles listed in the databases included in Marshall Universitys library website. The rest could be from general references sources such as those found on Marshall library databases such as Credo and CQ, textbooks, newspapers, books written for intelligent general audiences, and others sources which seem relevant. Sources should be well chosen.

I promise I would write this myself if recent events had not made this (admittedly incredibly stupid) topic difficult to focus on. I have included all work that I have done on the paper throughout the semester. I just need someone to piece it all together.

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