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Discuss international Product Launch Strategy.

I need help finding a product, and country for launch. It can be a beverage, toy, etc. (When you are matching the product with the market you want to enter, please make sure that the product is not already in that market and then stop and think why. Is it a product that the consumers would both want and and be able to buy? Is the market developed enough for the distribution of your product? In other words, this is a business decision which you need to be able to justify. It must be a product, not a service.)

This first essay/discussion needs to be about 1 page with a description and For this discussion, choose the specific international market that you will focus on for the final project. Describe any laws directly related to the marketing industry in that market (e.g., a ban on advertising certain products, such as tobacco, on TV).
Find a recent (less than six months old) news article online that details/describes any government intervention or changes in business processes that impact multinational corporations in a specific global market. Preferably, find an article in the global market you have chosen for your final project. Summarize the article in one to two paragraphs, making sure to cite your source and post the link to the article.

Below is the summary and description for final project guidelines.
For the final project in this course, you are tasked with launching a product and accompanying marketing campaign in the international market of your choice. You will select a specific international market in the world, excluding the United States, and a specific product, and then assess the marketing conditions in the international market in several important areas. You should select a country that you were always interested in thatmight be your dream country to work in one day. Prompt: For the first milestone of your final project, you will submit a short paper with your company proposal, product detail, and country background. Select a specific international market and a company within a selected industry and provide a brief overview of your selections. Assume this company is planning to enter your selected international market with a new or updated product. The company proposal, product detail and country background will explore the historical background of the chosen firms businessso that you can explore the nature of the firms products and services. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed: I. Company, Product, and International Market Overview: o Provide a brief background of the firm you have selected. o Include the nature of its products or services. o Explain which product or service have you selected and why. o Provide a brief overview of the chosen international market. Guidelines for Submission: Milestone One must be submitted as a 12 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins. Included should be at least two scholarly references. All references should be cited in APA format.

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