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Discuss health issue currently facing the American public.

Health Policy Analysis -Final paper writing assignment: The student will select a health issue currently facing the American public.

The final paper must include the items on the Checklist for Writing a Policy Analysis as follows:

1. Problem Statement
Is my problem statement one sentence in the form of a question? Can I identify the focus of my problem statement? Can I identify several options for solving the problem?

2. Background
Does my background include all necessary factual information? Have I eliminated information that is not directly relevant to the analysis? Is the tone of my background appropriate?

3. Landscape
Does the landscape identify all of the key stakeholders? Are the stakeholders views described clearly and accurately? Is the structure of the landscape consistent and easy to follow? Is the tone of the landscape appropriate? Does the reader have all the information necessary to assess the options?

4. Options
Do my options directly address the issue identified in the problem statement? Do I assess the pros and cons of each option? Did I apply all of the criteria to each options assessment? Are the options sufficiently different from each other to give the client a real choice? Are all of the options within the power of my client?

5. Recommendation

Is my recommendation one of the options assessed? Did I recommend only one of my options? Did I explain why this recommendation is the best option, despite its flaws?

Please remember that this is a health policy and politics course. It is not a health course. Please DO NOT create a paper that discusses say, the causes of and treatment for a disease. Discuss the health care policies that manage that disease in our country and your analysis of that policy.

*** I chose to discuss HIV below is what I wrote however my problem statement needs to be fixed because it really is not one to begin with. I also included one reference I had used to write along with it at the bottom:

Problem Statement: HIV is a continuously growing epidemic, affecting not only adults but also affecting children from ages 13 and under who have an unfortunate retention in medical care.
HIV is and has always been a strong medical issue, personally choosing this issue because I intern in a HIV project sector of the hospital I am in. Having designated floors, pediatrics is one that is always brought up into conversation. Data for each child were evaluated during a 36-month study period, counted from the date of the first claim containing an ICD-9-CM code for HIV or AIDS. Each childs consistency of medical care was assessed by evaluating the frequency of medical visits during the first 24 months of the study period to see if the frequency of visits met the definition of retention in care.
The proportions of children aged 13 years with diagnosed HIV infection who met the standard metric for retention in care for both the Medicaid and commercial claims cohorts were similar to those described in analyses conducted with insurance claims data for adults with diagnosed HIV infection (5,6). Among the 148 children in the Medicaid cohort after month 24, 117 (79%) were in care during months 2536, including 59% of children who were not retained in care during months 024.

1. Tanner MR, Bush T, Nesheim SR, Weidle PJ, Byrd KK. Retention in Medical Care Among Insured Children with Diagnosed HIV Infection United States, 20102014

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