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Discuss Aerodromes Safety and Air Navigation Services (ANS) are essential for the air transport industry.

Aerodromes Safety and Air Navigation Services (ANS) are essential for the air transport industry. Aviation has become a key service for economic and human development. Any threat, challenge or disruption in this industry could have a massive impact in the economy and in the political and regulatory context.

Safety has always been a priority for the industry reaching outstanding levels. It has also added a huge cost in terms of time and money to the air transport industry. The provision of safety services implies the close cooperation between different stakeholders, especially the airport operator, the airlines and the government (and multilateral organizations).

The ramp (apron area) is one of the most critical areas for the airport operation. It is the place where aircraft and airport meet and interact. Ground handling services are essential for the smooth operation of the airports and the airlines. Unfortunately these services are responsible for a significant part of the safety problems occurring at airports. There is a wide array of potential sources of safety problems where ground-handling services can be involved.

1. Fuel operations and other essential fluids.

2. Aircraft damaged and unintended contact.

3. Ground Service Equipment.

4. Stand conditions/operating environment.

5. Personal safety and injury.

6. Aircraft de-icing and anti-icing.

In order to make this exercise as useful and close to reality as possible a specific airport has been selected: Keflavik Airport (KEF). All the above-mentioned aspects should be addressed for this airport in particular.

The student is invited to conduct a research of the current situation at this airport and provide two outcomes for each of the points above mentioned:

1. Assessment of the current situation. There is information easily available about Keflavik Airport. The student should analyze the situation at the airport taking into account each of the points mentioned and the situation as a whole.
2. Proposals for improvement: These proposals must be consistent with the analysis previously conducted. The proposals must be compatible with the rest of initiatives proposed by the student.

For the purpose of this assessment and due to confidentiality, any indicative examples, figures, pictures and numbers could be used for filling in the template report. Nevertheless, you shall assume that there is no single correct answer to this coursework. In reality, your report would be correct only if:

1. Clearly identify benchmarks or measures that will indicate to you whether or not the solution is working.
2. Generate a proposal for the future demonstrating its potential to deliver any improvement.

Additional Remarks

1. This is an individual assessment.
2. This template report should be limited to 2000 – 2500 words excluding any Appendices.
3. The CW Marking Schemes shown in the next pages.
4. Course work Weight: 70% of the overall module assessment

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