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Discuss about the problems related to student drug use are effective at educating parents.

I have to write a memo based on this scenario. I have also been given a set of “facts” about the scenario that needs to be incorporated. It has to be no less than 3 paragraphs long and no more than 1 page. Here is the memo.

Assume you are a Special Agent in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). The Mayor of Miami, Florida has contacted you to ask for the DEAs assistance to set up a new drug education program at all city high schools.
Write a memorandum to your supervisor proposing a joint program to be launched by the DEA and the Mayors Office. Provide a title for the memo in the SUBJECT line and address the TO line. A list of facts is provided to prepare your response.

Here are the “facts” that i need to incorporate in my memo.

The Miami-Dade County School Board Chairperson is Elena Mendez.
The National Drug Intelligence Center reports Miami is one of the most active drug smuggling and distribution areas in the United States.
The Mayor of Miami would like to enlist parent involvement via Parent-Teacher Associations to educate students on the dangers of drug use.
School convocations with guest speakers from law enforcement and medical communities are successful in raising awareness about the risks of drug use.
Marijuana, cocaine, and heroin pose the most significant drug threat in Miami.
Counseling is effective at reducing repeat-offense drug use.
Random drug testing is an important part of a drug demand reduction program.
Your Group Supervisor is Alberta Soto.
The Mayor of Miami is seeking funding assistance as the city does not have sufficient financial resources and support for program implementation.
Brochures are useful tools to educate about major controlled substances.
The Director of the Miami-Dade Juvenile Probation Counseling Program is Maria Flores.
The Mayor of Miami is Hector Ramirez.
A U.S. Bureau of Census household survey found that marijuana and inhalants are used frequently nationwide among high school students.
An effective drug demand reduction program for large city school systems can cost approximately five million dollars.
The Mayor of Miami would like to increase rehabilitation services for first-offender youth (under 18) who have been arrested for drug use.
Seminars about the problems related to student drug use are effective at educating parents.
The Mayor of Miami would like to launch a program to reduce high school student drug use.

Here are my guidelines .
Your memo must be at least three paragraphs long.
(2) You cannot use an outline or bullet form of presentation.
(3) You cannot copy the facts word for word.

No sources are necessary. Thank you.

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