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Discuss about global economy/ global inequality.

This paragraph is the introduction to the assignment for context, but is not the main topic of the essay (the questions in this paragraph dont need to be answered/addressed in the essay, just things to consider before writing):
Could you live on $2 a day? Could you do it for one day? for a week? for a month? 40 percent of the worlds population lives on just $2 a day. What is your personal connection to global inequality? Do you own a cell phone? Where was it made? What about your computer? Or your clothes? Many of the goods sold in the United States are manufactured overseas to take advantage of cheap labor and to provide a cheaper product to the American consumer. For this assignment, you will go back into your closet and examine your personal relationship with global inequality. Can you find something that you own that was made locally, or is it all from overseas or from other parts of the country? Do you know how much the workers who made your phone were paid? Would you be willing to pay more for a product if it were made locally? Consider your position in the global economy and what it means for global inequality.

This is the main prompt for the essay:
After considering your personal relationship to global inequality, write an opinion piece on foreign trade. Decide what you think your government should do to encourage or regulate trade with other nations. Consider what it would mean for you personally. Would you still be able to afford a computer or a phone?

I would prefer the opinion expressed in this essay to come from the perspective of someone who does want the government to make more of an effort to combat poverty, poor working conditions, and unfairly low wages, however understands that cheap foreign labor is beneficial to the US economy in certain ways, so we need to balance the good of the global community with our own national interests. Im not an expert on trade policy and this is not a political science class, so talk about things like sanctions, imports and exports, tariffs etc. in general terms, not too specific.
Its a short essay, only one page, no citations necessary.

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