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Analyze the story Greenhouse gas concentrations surge to new record.

part 1: Now you will turn your attention back to your chosen news story and apply what you have learned to evaluate the evidence provided in the story.
In one paragraph, describe the evidence that supports the main idea or thesis of the news story you chose in learning block 1-2 for your final project. What specific data is discussed or referenced? Are any additional research studies discussed? Make sure you are as specific and objective as possible as you explain the data discussed in the news story. Be detailed in your description, providing scientific background cited in the article or discovered in your search process. Are you able to get more information on the original research if you want to? Is there information about where the information was originally published?
Based on the previous analysis, do you feel that the information presented in your news story is valid and reliable? Support your answer with three reasons that are grounded in evidence.
— included is the news story along with the questions that i posted

News story titled: Greenhouse gas concentrations surge to new record.
URL: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/10/171030141900.htm
The news story that can capture the interest of the natural scientist is titled as Greenhouse gas concentrations surge to new record. The news story indicate the fact that the concentration of thee carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere has been increased by record breaking speed in 2016. The concentration is highest level at 800,000 years in the new report. The World Meteorological Organization indicates to the rapid change of climate in past 70 years under such highest concentration. After reading the news story, the two questions that natural scientists would indulge their knowledge are,
Q1: What could be done to reduce the severe ecological and economic disruptions in the world due to higher concentration of carbon dioxide gas?
Q2: What causes such high concentration of greenhouse gas emission in the 2016?

When responding to your peers, consider whether you see a clear connection between the questions they ask and the natural sciences. Remember that when you respond to your peers in the discussion forum, your tone and language should be very respectful. Your feedback should be constructive, meaning that it focuses on positive aspects and how the presented ideas might be strengthened.

This article details a study on rats to see the affects of the kynurenine on memory and cognition. The experiment checked to see how the animals responded to a shock from a previous experience based on the amount of the chemical in the brain. The findings were that rats with more of the chemical in their brains were more likely to shock themselves a second time as if forgetting that instance had occured before. Scientists hope to eventually produce drug inhibitors of this chemical to assist schizophrenic patients.

I wonder if how accurate these finding would be with human participants. I do believe that animal study can provide insight, but I’m concerned that results would be more complicated if performed on people. Another question I have is, what are the findings for the amount of kynurenine present in the brains of people with remarkable memories. I’ve heard a few stories about people that CAN’T forget anything! It would be interesting to see if these findings are applicable for a person on the opposite side of the spectrum, that being no problems with memory loss or cognition.

Sea Levels Rise, Not Stronger Surge, Will Cause NYC Flooding

The paper describes sea levels risings amoung New York City. Storms will straighten and shift offshore with warming, but identifies important differences that can be reduced with further research.

Will New York City eventually be underwater???
What proper precautions will the city take to eliminate this problem???

Story Source:
Materials provided by Penn State.


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